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The Boots Space, Redruth


Ellie Swingler once again grasped the helm as The Sketch House was a...sked to voyage Inland for an incredible night of music, art, dance and poetry - its delicious trademark staples. As part of Redruth’s Inland Art Fest 2014, the shell of a decrepit branch of Boots came to life as The Sketch House manifest! Visitors exploring the labyrinthine corridors and quirky storage rooms were treated to all manner of delights, while on the shop floor MC Will Salter played landlord to the very best in local talent. Our guests stared intently at a rotten mattress, they were shouted at in gobbledygook, they predicted the weather with a ball of seaweed, they cycled through sleep, they came face to face with a living, breathing and talking structure, they lost their virginities, got a new career path and stomped their feet the whole night through! The beautiful brand of song-ing as presented to us by Sleep Cycles charmed, delighted and soothed us all, as is his way. Artists Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti pulled their heads out of the clouds and reported on the weather fresh from their latest artistic endeavour. We were taken to the job centre, a coffee shop and deep into all manner of political miasma by the fabulous poet Mac Dunlop. Cheap Date Dance Co.’s piece 'How We Lost It' amused and provoked before we were introduced to the whimsical strains of Julian Gaskell’s accordion which accompanied him for a fun and toe-tapping half hour to wrap up the event. Special mentions must also go to Dom Allen and Alex Goodman whose collaborative sculpture breathed music, poetry, light and life into the old manager’s office, and to Christian Romero-Cross whose beautiful take-over of the first floor did nothing short of impress all who visited. Oh and also: host and MC Will Salter added his own unique variety of noisy performance to the mix - hurrah. A fantastic night for all who were there.

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