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The Sketch House

Penryn Arts Festival 23rd May 2015


Stuart Stephens Hall, Penryn, Cornwall


The theme of the house and domestic space is interpreted by electronic composer Federico Reuben, percussionist Keith Micheal, sound artist Dom Allen, poet Alex Goodman Artist, installation artist Christina Romero Cross Artist, painter Aimee Labourne, animator Laura Adams and film-maker Ellie Swingler (curator of the event).

Get involved and sketch your house on The Sketch House mural

DJ Matt Ashdown will accompany this creative evening with a selection of indie-pop and French-pop.

The Salvador Thali Café will be cooking up some South 
Indian cuisine 

7-10pm- Curry served
8-9.15pm Performance and film
9.15-11pm DJ set



Imaginary House
Aimee Labourne works with the idea of imagined rooms and structures, painting from photographs of real places and her memories of them, to piece together a new space. Beautiful and eery...


Animated House
Mindscape is an atmospheric animation by Laura Adams created entirely from charcoal drawings. Set in a dark and mysterious building where strange occurrences take place and objects become personified.


House Poet
Alex goodman responds to the theme of the house through poetry. Investigating ghosts that haunt the walls that shelter the body from the cold sea winds and give space for narratives of lives past to unravel.


House Music
by Federico Reuben and Keith Micheal

Could be more omelette than disco! 
Live electronic sound and percussion exploring combinations of musical and non musical sound sources. 
Federico Reuben and Keith Michael augment their known pallet of sampled and percussive sounds with the even more familiar mix of everyday functional house sounds.



Christina Romero-Cross

"Like a child I am interested in the miniature/interior. Endlessly fascinated by secret chambers and unexpected views of the otherwise hidden. Like a glimpse through imperfectly closed curtains to the interior of a life unknown"


The House Key
by Ellie Swingler

Transforming household objects and embedding them with new meaning to become surreal, symbolic and personified. In this film an entire world is spun out of a single key through visual and written poetry.

Swingler is a multidisciplinary artist and creator of The Sketch House.


Avery House 
by Sound artist Dom Allen and poet Alex Goodman

A small wooden house with pictures lit inside its windows.
Combining visual and audio poetry to create a flickering collage of loss, and the family that lived there.
By returning to a piece of writing this project builds a new house for an old poem.


Curry House
The Salvador Thali Café cooks up over a decades worth of recipe research in every bite. We only serve authentically prepared traditional dishes, good enough to write home about.



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